Service Simple

Keeping Your Good Foreign Employees Depends a lot on their Impression of Not Only Your Company but the city

Hefei Connect offers an excellent service that will give your employees an easy time in Hefei and help you keep them for long period

Information Desk

Our information desk will be open to all your employees to provide them with needed city information. This will help them in finding what they need with ease and take away he hustle

Purchasing Service

Hefei Connect has cooperation with several restaurants, cafes, shops and businesses in Hefei. Our partnership with these businesses allows us to offer great deals to Expats. Your foreign Employees will be given preferential treatment on this.

City Guide Service

This service helps your foreign employees know the city more. We can personally introduce them to entertainment and recreational spots. We have the connections and resources needed to give them the best

We Know the City

The best way to be a good host to a guest is by offering what they need and not what you need

We are Experienced

We are on Time

We are Satisfactory

We Bridge the Cultural Gap

We are Expats ourselves and know the city of Hefei well enough. Let's cooperate

Bars and Clubs

We introduce them to the right and safe clubs and bars for Expats

Sport Centers and Gyms

We help them join gyms and sports clubs at best pricing without getting ripped off

Social Clubs

Don't let your employees feel lonely and bored in their apartments. They wont stay in the city for long if this happens. Let us take them out


We will help your foreign employees make the necessary connections needed to stay on track

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