About Us

Give Your Company Event an International Look

We assist companies in Hefei bring an international atmosphere to their local Event

Invite Foreign Guests

Our company will invite a couple of foreign guests to your Events as per your requirement. The number and type of guests is solely dependent on your company's need

Publicize Your Event

Our company will give your Event an extensive publicity withing the Hefei Foreign Community. Every channel will be used to lift the face of the Event amongst Expats in Hefei

English Media Broadcast

During the Event, our cameras will be there to take pictures and videos that would be broadcast on our channel. We will confirm with your company before broadcasting any media taken at the Event


Get to know us better.

Hefei Connect has hosted several high-class events in Hefei from Business Networks to festivities. Our Events are set to pull foreigners of diverse origin and background. We bring the city an international and exciting atmospher

Several companies in Hefei have cooperated with us to give an international look to their Event. It's always a pleasure to have Hefei Connect around, most companies testify

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